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What is the Family Secret Quiz?

As a sensitive person, you have ‘things at the back of your mind’. You wonder if such and such impacted your life and the possible reasons for events, health conditions, or feelings, in your life now.

You might feel guilt for exploring the ‘family secret’ or make distinctions: “It was how it was done then.” You might describe your father as a “Military man” or your mother as “She grew up in a harsh household so she was stern, kind though in her own way, and always made sure we were fed and watered.”

Since the late 1990s there is a mountain of scientific evidence to suggest our experience in childhood, whether conscious or unconscious, has an enormous impact on adult health, resilience, anxiety and well-being. What was normal to you may not have been ‘normal’ for your nervous system. It is how you became wired for sensitivity both physically and emotionally.

The Family Secret Quiz draws upon the ACE study to discover your childhood adversity, mixed with questions relating to your adult life and sensitivity.

Why poke the bear? Surely you’re over all that? You’re completing this quiz to help you realise, it’s not just you, you’re not the weird SENSITIVE one. You are a normal person looking for possible answers as to why you ‘don’t quite work to the same rules’ as everyone else.

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