Welcome to Heidi Sawyer’s Monthly Live Event!

This Live Event is exclusively for members of Heidi's Circle.

What is the Circle?

The Circle is an interactive area which gives you and your fellow members unique access to Heidi’s two Live Session.  These are very popular and take place twice a month.

What are the two monthly live sessions for members?

  • 'Group Healing Seminar'. This is a mini-readings live audio session with its focus on the areas which are important in your life and the lives of your fellow Intuitive-Sensitive Members. The Group Healing session is always audio only, as this improves Heidi's connection with the group.
  • 'Ask Heidi About... Webinar'. This is a live video session on the “Topic of the Month” - an area of interest to you and your fellow members. The Ask Heidi About... session is always visual.


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